Double Trash Cabinet with copper panel & drawer

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Poplar wood Sandy buff / Special Walnut Finish

13d x 37w x 35h

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Poplar is one of the most common utility hardwoods in the United States. Its sapwood is white, sometimes with stripes; the heartwood is usually tan, but can range from greenish brown to dark green, purple, black, blue and yellow. The wood is straight grained, uniform in texture and moderate to light weight. It has a medium density, machines and glues well. It takes a variety of finishes well. Yellow poplar is used in furniture, doors, mill work, baskets and picture frames.

2 reviews for Double Trash Cabinet with copper panel & drawer

  1. Stacey Moyer

    Bought one of these last spring–had some trouble with paint once we got home. Contacted the family and they worked with us to fix the problem quickly. Quality product and quality customer service. Will definitely shop here again!

  2. Mandy

    Husband purchased this for me and I love it. It’s beautiful and makes my kitchen so much more homey. It’s pleasing to look at instead of an old yucky trash can.

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