Hickory Blanket Chest

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Character hickory natural Finish 21d x 43w x 19h

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Not only will this chest look fantastic at the foot of your bed, but it is functional as well. Imagine the blankets, off-season clothes and other stuff you could store inside! It could also accentuate your entryway and serve as a bench with shoe/boot storage underneath. However, you choose to use it, our Hickory Blanket Chest from Carriage House Furnishings will not disappoint. It’s a roomy 21″ deep by 43″ wide by 19″ high. It’s made of solid hickory with a natural finish. The perfect match to the other items in our Hickory line, it will hold up over time and look great all the while.


Tougher than nails, and versatile too

Because he fought tenaciously at the Battle of New Orleans in 1815, General Andrew Jackson’s soldiers nicknamed him Old Hickory. His Tennesseans knew the wood well enough to make that comparison because it grew abundantly in their state. If something had to be tough and strong, they made it of hickory–from ax, hammer, pick, and shovel handles to wagon spokes, hitch trees, and rims. Worked green, it became chairs.

The Choctaws and other Indians of the lower Mississippi River Valley had long used hickory for bows and baskets, but they also drew on its sap for sweet syrup and sugar and its nuts for cakes and meal. The pioneers who followed Davy Crockett valued hickory as firewood, too. (It produces 24 million BTUs per cord, about the same output as 200 gallons of No. 2 fuel oil.) They also smoked ham and bacon with hickory. Our craftsman have been working with this wood for years and have produced many heirloom pieces

1 review for Hickory Blanket Chest

  1. Jim Battles

    We purchased a blanket box with the optional leather-topped cushion as an extra place for guests to sit, if necessary. It is such a beautiful accent piece for storing all the Pendleton blankets my wife loves to buy with her piano teaching money.

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