#500 Speedway Express wagon

(4 customer reviews)


Available with Red, Green, Blue and Pink racks
Bed size 22w x 40l
Wheel size 10” air tire

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4 reviews for #500 Speedway Express wagon

  1. W S

    Excellent Wagon! Wow! You won’t go wrong buying these wagons, if you are looking for something that will last and last and last….for many, many, years!

  2. Bill Lamarre

    I have bought 3 wagons. Had 2 of them shipped. Nicest people you could ask for. Prompt and courteous. Thank you folks.

  3. Lorrayne Walsh

    My parents bought this wagon for my twins in 1990. This week I delivered it to my daughter who just had twins. It will be used far into the future.

  4. Jim Newton

    I have had my Speedway Express 500 wagon now for 33 years. I use it about 6 times per year at swap meets, but I have pulled all six or our kids in it over the years, and I’m still amazed and proud of the quality.. I want to be in the front of the line to attest that these products are truly made to withstand the test of time and durability. Still using the original tires and tubes that I’ve never had to add air to.. I only wish I had bought the trailer that goes with it.

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