#500 Speedway Express wagon

(3 customer reviews)


Available with Red, Green, Blue and Pink racks
Bed size 22w x 40l
Wheel size 10” air tire

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3 reviews for #500 Speedway Express wagon

  1. W S

    Excellent Wagon! Wow! You won’t go wrong buying these wagons, if you are looking for something that will last and last and last….for many, many, years!

  2. Bill Lamarre

    I have bought 3 wagons. Had 2 of them shipped. Nicest people you could ask for. Prompt and courteous. Thank you folks.

  3. Lorrayne Walsh

    My parents bought this wagon for my twins in 1990. This week I delivered it to my daughter who just had twins. It will be used far into the future.

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