Eshton Bookcase with glass Doors


#5062 Brown Maple Eshton Bookcase

15dx 36w x 42h

Shown in Coffee Finish Available in Oak or Brown Maple


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LuxWood’s craftsmen finish their furniture creations only with conversion varnish, rather than with less-expensive, lower-quality lacquer, which is routinely used on inferior, mass-produced furniture. Conversion varnish offers far superior results, providing a much greater hardness that makes it more difficult to scratch as well as giving the wood a greater resistance than does lacquer to moisture and substances such as ketchup, mustard, vinegar, lemon juice and many others. Please remember, however, that although a conversion-varnish finish is scratch and mar-resistant, and not nearly as susceptible to water damage as other finishes, it does still require proper care.


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