Double Hickory / Oak Swing


26d x 52w x 44h Hickory and Oak natural finish

complete with chains

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It’s the place where family stories are handed down, where first kisses take place, where hands of young and old are held… It’s the porch swing. Carriage House Furnishings proudly presents our Double Hickory/ Oak Swing in Hickory and Oak natural finish complete with chains. Here’s everything you need to relax on your front porch, spending hours together, watching the world go by. Not only is it beautiful and comfortable, but it’s well-built too. Hand-crafted from 100% solid wood by Amish hands, it measures 26d x 52w x 44h and is an heirloom quality piece. You’ll be able to pass this swing down for generations to come, just like the memories that take place on it.

There’s nothing better than a good old-fashioned porch swing, except maybe a double porch swing! Sit and swing with those you love– your love, your kids and your grandkids–  in this Double Hickory / Oak Swing by Carriage House Furnishings. Measuring 26d x 52w x 44h and available in Hickory and Oak natural finish, this double swing is as gorgeous as it is practical. Make memories with your family and friends, as it is built to last– Amish made, solid wood and heirloom quality. You truly can’t go wrong when you invest in furniture from Carriage House Furnishings.

Many forest animals such as woodpeckers, wild turkeys, chipmunks, beavers, forest mice and deer eat bark, leaves and fruit of hickory. Those that feed on fruit facilitate dispersal of seed. Wood of hickory is dense, hard and durable. It was used for the manufacture of aircraft in the past.


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