10 Myths about the Amish

Amish Myths
There are many rumors about the Amish that are simply not true! Here is a list of ten for clarification:
The Amish have arranged marriages. Just like all other young adults, the Amish are allowed to go on dates, even if they don’t go to some of the places that others do.
The Amish don’t drink alcohol. This is not entirely true- there are some that do. We may prefer wine to chugging beers, but we do enjoy the occasional drink.
Amish people do not have to pay taxes. This is not true; we pay income tax, personal property tax, among others.
The Amish cannot use electricity. This is not true. While there isn’t the use of technology inside the home, if a man or woman has a job in the secular world then they are allowed to use it.
The Amish wont have anything to do with cars. We wont own a car or drive a car, but we may hire drivers in order to take us to the hospital or doctor.
Amish people do not eat junk food, just what we grow on our farm. This is also not true- we enjoy chips and soda pop just like anyone else.
We have an 8th grade education and are not smart. This is the opposite of true- we do not have sports or extra curricular activities with school so many evenings are spent reading. This includes the newspaper to keep up with current events.
We only use outhouses. While some communities do still use these, there are plenty who have indoor plumbing with toilets.
The Amish cannot travel outside of their community. We cannot travel by plane or cruise ship, but we will hire a driver or buy a bus ticket in order to travel.
We don’t use telephones. This is false. Some Amish have no phones, but some others have a phone booth in their church or community. Some also have cell phones for work related use.

Depending on the area, different people will follow different practices.