Wagons and Scooters

3 Amish-Made Toys Perfect For Kids

Carriage House Furnishings wooden toy barn with animals.

It seems that every toy now is plastic, loud, or plays distracting videos. And while all toys are fun for children, ones that engage their imagination, get them moving, or can teach them while they play are the best toys to get. We’ve talked about the benefits of pretend play sets, but at Carriage House Furnishings,… Read more »

Creative Ways to Use a Wagon

Remember that old red wagon everyone used to have in the garage or the playroom? You probably hauled your dolls and stuffed animals around showing them the neighborhood sights—or fell asleep on a cozy pile of blankets while your parents pulled you around at the state fair. Thankfully, growing up doesn’t mean you have to… Read more »

Encourage Your Kids to Play Outside this Spring

Spring has almost arrived, which means we will no longer be cooped up in our homes reading our books or staring at TV screens. Instead, we can finally spend some quality time outdoors without braving the bitter cold! Kids these days are often so tethered to their smart devices that playing outside isn’t often their… Read more »

Play Outside With Scooters and Wagons

With the temperatures becoming more mild, that means spring is on the way, creating great opportunities to get outside and enjoy the weather. However, with the video games becoming more and more the common way for children to spend the time at home, many kids don’t feel the need to go outside and play as… Read more »