Benefits of Summer Birdhouses

Amish BirdhousesHaving an outdoor space where you can enjoy a cup of coffee in the morning is important. Sitting outside and being surrounded by nature can be good for the soul, and we are all about creating a yard space that you can enjoy.

If you’d like to enjoy your outdoor space with some friends, consider adding a birdhouse into your yard which comes with a variety of benefits.

Adding a birdhouse into your yard can do a lot more than attract beautiful, singing birds for you to glance at. There are tons of benefits, both for you and your neighbors, which come with hanging up birdhouses. Many birds eat insects so having birds active in your backyard can help to eliminate unwanted pests in the garden. If your birdhouse attracts enough birds, you might avoid using harmful chemical pesticides

Birds can also help contribute to weed control: birds love to eat weed seeds, especially finches, towhees, and sparrows. If you have birds that get comfortable hanging out at the birdhouse provided, they can actually help you landscape the space and keep it weed-free.

Birdhouses are also great for promoting native plants and flowers to grow in your neighborhood. With bee populations declining throughout the country, your garden and your neighborhood likely need all the help they can get. Hang birdhouses to encourage birds to visit your yard to help keep the area pollinated.

Hanging birdhouses in your backyard can provide an oasis for local and migrating birds, and other species. If you add a few birdhouses to your yard this summer, you’ll even be helping to promote wildlife conservation.

In addition to all of this, bird watching can be a relaxing, joyous hobby to develop.

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