3 Things to Keep on Your Bookshelf Besides Books

Amish Bookcases in Lancaster, PA

There are a few furniture pieces that are and always have been considered staples in the average household, chief among them a sturdy bookshelf to hold all of your favorite stories!

The great thing about a nice bookshelf is that it’s no longer just for books, especially a strong and durable Amish-built bookcase that can hold a lot of weight. Try decorating your bookcase with a few of these fun items to transform it into a gorgeous piece of home décor!

Seasonal Décor

Choose a shelf to leave empty in your bookcase so you can decorate it for each season. Use it in the fall and winter to display handmade holiday crafts from children or your own little Halloween and then Christmas village. In the spring and summer, it’ll make a great spot for fresh flowers and warm décor!

Personal Items

The top or second shelf of your cabinet is an ideal place to set up family photos and other sentimental objects, since they’ll sit right at eyelevel to greet you! If you opt for an Amish bookcase, display your pictures in rustic style frames to keep the décor style cohesive.

Other Media

Books are by no means the only form of entertainment kept in the home—especially in this day and age. Save a few shelves not only for books, but for your DVD or video game collection too. You can even use the sturdier bottom shelf to hold your DVD player, gaming console, or favorite board games!

The higher quality of bookshelf you invest in for your home, the better it will look holding your books and decorations. Get your money’s worth when you furnish your home with a beautiful wooden bookcase from Carriage House Furnishings!

All our pieces are Amish-made and handcrafted, built to last for generations. Stop into our showroom or browse our online selection to find the perfect bookcase to fit your space!