A Brief History of the Bird House

Nowadays we see bird houses integrated into front and backyard landscapes everywhere! They’re popular outdoor accents often used to add rustic charm to a home and complete the tranquil atmosphere of a backyard garden. People also use bird houses in an effort to attract beautiful songbirds that further satisfy their image of a picturesque spring morning with soothing, delightful melodies.

Have you ever wondered though, where the concept of a bird house originated? What were they used for prior to the development of the suburban backyard and garden? Luckily, Carriage House offers not only unique, Amish-made bird houses to complete your home, but the answers to your questions about them as well!

Amish Bird Houses in PA

Bird Houses in Europe

The European bird house has beginnings that can be traced back to 15th-16th century Belgium and Holland. Initially, they were used to capture eggs, and sometimes the birds themselves, for food. These types of bird houses were made primarily of clay and styled like vases.

Over time, several different functions evolved for the European bird house. Primarily they began building them to provide refuge to birds, protecting them from harsh weather conditions and predators. Some people used them similarly to how many are used today—as home ornaments or even talismans. A bird house was also a desirable solution for keeping birds out of other outdoor aesthetic features of the home.

Bird Houses in North America

Native Americans crafted bird houses out of birch bark and built them with platform feeders, before European colonists even arrived with their version of the structure. As their culture heavily reveres nature, the purpose of Native American bird houses was always to attract and shelter birds right from their origin. The indigenous peoples taught their technique to English and German immigrants who settled on the east coast in the 18th century.

Some of the early colonists in Williamsburg, Virginia, wanted to use birds as a form of best control and used bird houses as a tool to draw them to a property. They would make and sell bird bottles as well, fashioned with an entrance hole and mounted horizontally on the side of buildings.

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