A Lasting Tradition: The History of Amish Furniture

Amish Furniture Amish furniture first rose to popularity in the 1920s as people of the time looked for furniture made a simpler way of life from a simpler time, without all of the technology used at the time.

Sound familiar?

Amish furniture dates back to the early days of the Amish themselves in the 1690s when a group of traditional Mennonite Christians in Switzerland split from their church, says The Barnyard Gazette blog. During the 18th century, many of these people immigrated to Pennsylvania where they formed tightly formed communities around their strong belief system.

A part of that culture included sustainability. The Amish grew, made or built everything they use – and often still do – and throughout the decades since, people in contemporary culture have come to appreciate their work for the skill and craftsmanship that goes into it.

Today, people still look for Amish-created furniture for those same reasons. Amish furniture has a distinctive look and feel that comes from simplicity of design, but built from strong materials and crafted with incredible detail.

At Carriage Home Furnishings, we sell some of the finest Amish furniture available. Based in Lancaster, Pennsylvania in the heart of Amish country, our products can add beauty to your home while also being highly functional and reliable.

We sell major pieces for bedrooms and dining rooms, along with accent pieces and many other types of furniture. Amish furniture comes in a variety of wood types from the local area including northern red oak, cherry, maple and elm.

With all that’s available today, it’s easy to forget about the finer goods available. If you want furniture, you may be tempted to buy a do-it-yourself piece from the mall or from a designer showroom, but those pieces will not have the authenticity and the true beauty and charm found in Amish-made furniture.

If you are interested in decorating your home with true Amish goods, stop in and see us at the former Lapps Coach Shop in Intercourse or give us a call today at 717-768-8712.