Amish Furniture Construction and Finishing


The Amish history and culture is layers deep; and every aspect of the Amish lifestyle is touched by their very unique and treasured way of life. The style of Amish furniture and the way that it is made, is no exception. The making of Amish furniture is a hands-on process and requires attention to detail. Quality construction is the signature of the Amish, as special care is given to each project.

lancaster PA amish furniture

Every Amish table is made to withstand the wear and tear of time and use. Each Amish table is constructed using the mortise and tenon method of joint construction. Though this is a simplistic way to construct a table, it is one of the strongest and most durable. The tenon, which is an interlocking piece cut into one end of a piece of wood, is cut to fit perfectly into the mortise, which is an opening, in the opposite piece of wood. In simpler terms, the mortise and tenon method is much like putting two Lego pieces together. It works extremely well and is one of the best methods around for furniture making.


Amish chairs are constructed in much of the same way. Spindle chairs are assembled with the use of glue and screws, and Mission style chairs are tenon and mortised, for extra durability and strength. The Amish take pride in sanding their furniture by hand, before it is finished. Finished and stained wood is also traditionally rubbed by hand, to completely remove any excess stain. This process makes the stain even, and helps to highlight the grains of the wood.