Amish Made Durable Furniture Vs Store Purchased Pieces



When it comes to furnishing your home, there is nothing like durable, hand-crafted Amish furniture. The traditional style of Amish home furnishings is incomparable. If you are unfamiliar with the Amish culture, they are a group of Christian individuals who do not believe in the use of modern technology, allowing them to be extremely skillful in manufacturing furniture and other items by hand. They believe in a simple lifestyle and rely on honest, hard work.


The benefits of purchasing Amish-made furniture over department store furniture are numerous. Hand-crafted Amish furniture created using only the highest quality materials. More often than not, furniture sold in chain department stores are mass-produced and manufactured with low-quality lumber and materials such as particle board. Furniture that is constructed with these materials of minimal quality not only makes the finished product look cheap, but decrease the life of the furniture, as most pieces chip and break.


Hand-crafted, Amish-made furniture is created with real wood. As stated above, department store furniture is often created with low-quality lumber such as particle board and even laminate. The Amish-made furniture is manufactured only the highest quality wood and is often hand selected for your custom piece of furniture. The Amish choose each piece of wood with your preferences in mind as well as the knowledge of what is best suited for the project.


The Amish faith of traditional values and a strong work ethic assures that your product is made with careful selection and superior quality. In addition, your product will be made in a shop that is free of chemicals unlike furniture that is mass-produced in factories. These mass-produced items also do not hold the durability that Amish furniture exhibits. Amish-made furniture has the ability to be enjoyed by the owner for many years and become a family heirloom that can be passed down from generation to generation.