Benefits of Purchasing American-Made Furniture

American-Made Furniture PiecesCarriage House Furnishings is so proud to design, build, and sell American-made furniture. We love producing unique, American-made pieces that will be part of your family for decades to come.

Purchasing furniture is an investment, and if you are willing to make that investment, consider the benefits that come with buying American-made furniture.

Reliable Craftsmanship

American-made furniture is often made by master craftsmen, creating a unique, sturdy piece that will reliable for years to come.  Made with quality woods, American-made pieces are durable and will last through children, pets, moves, and so forth. You are guaranteed a better quality of goods when you purchase American-made furniture.

Improved Economy

When purchasing American-made pieces, you are putting money back into the American economy. Purchasing American-made products will return funds back into the American economy, positively impacting the economy by keeping the money within the US economy.

Positive Working Conditions

A lot of countries have poor labor regulations and purchasing goods from those countries supports those working condition. If you’re purchasing American-made products, you’re supporting fair working conditions, safe working conditions, and child labor laws.

Guaranteed Safe Products

The United States Consumer Product Safety Commission creates standards that products need to meet in order to be deemed safe for consumers. If you’re purchasing American-made products, you’re purchasing safe products that meet those consumer protections laws.

Our products are created with unmatched attention to craftsmanship so they can add beauty to your home as well as being highly functional. Made in Lancaster County, PA, we hope that you’ll purchase your American-made products from Carriage House Furnishings.