Birdhouses and Mailboxes

When you drive down the streets in your neighborhood you see all the plain mailboxes and then you arrive home and you also have a plain mailbox. You don’t want to fit in with the crowd, you want to be a trend setter and have the mailbox everyone else will want. People will want to ask you where you got your mailbox and you will be so proud to be the first and the most epic.
That is exactly how our mailboxes will make you feel. All of our mailboxes are given the care and attention to make them truly one of a kind and special. Our log cabin mailbox may be the perfect amount of rustic charm you want to give your suburban home, and make your yard stand out in a totally new way.


If that is the way our mailboxes will make you feel, imagine what our birdhouses can do for you. They are all special in their own way and we like to believe they are all mini condos for birds. Our Large Dome Copper Topped Birdfeeder is one of our most luxurious.
The birdhouse is made with white vinyl to make it durable in the weather and to hold up to the use of multiple birds. You aren’t buying a birdhouse just because it will look nice in your yard. You are also buying their piece because you want birds to visit it and make your yard the place to be.