Caring For Amish Furniture

Quick Advice on Caring for your Amish-Made Furniture

There are specific care instructions for Amish furniture, to maintain its beauty and polish. Keeping all furniture items out of direct sunlight exposure is highly critical for keeping your furniture in optimum condition. Too much sun exposure can change the look of the finish. It is also important to never over-wax Amish furniture; an excess of wax can eventually lead to developing white milky stains on the wood.

When cleaning Amish furniture, stay away from using any abrasives and cleaners containing bleach or ammonia. You can damage and scratch the wood by using either of these methods of cleaning. Be diligent about treasuring your Amish furniture, by not leaving any newspapers, plastic, or other paper products on table tops; if these items get wet, they can stain and dye your furniture. A gentle cleaner and a cream polish is recommended for proper and delicate care.

Be sure to keep your Amish furniture a good distance away from heating and cooling units, and never store your furniture in damp areas or rooms that get extremely hot or cold, such as basements and attics. If properly cleaned and cared for, Amish furniture can be passed down through generations of family, in stellar condition.