Designing an Amish Style Kitchen


Amish style homes tend to have large outdoor living areas that extend from the house; like porches, decks, and patio spaces. Windows are very consciously and strategically placed to take advantage of the summer breezes and to help control the internal temperature. Amish homes are well designed, and are built with a lot of care and attention.


During many hot summers, the Amish will use what is called, “a summer kitchen”, which is a space designed for cooking that is cooler, and usually built in a shaded area. Amish kitchens are usually never placed in the center of the home, where it is often the hottest, in the spring and summer seasons.


It is simple to create an Amish style kitchen for your summer cooking. Here are a few simplistic instructions on how to enjoy a bit of the Amish way of living, inside your home.


Locate an area in the home that is cool and possibly away from the center of the home; a shed or gazebo, is ideal. Hardwood floors are best because they don’t need vacuuming and are more easily kept clean. Stain the wood floors to maintain their shine and beauty. Stained hardwood floors are also easier to keep clean. If you don’t have a shed or gazebo, basements are also great places for Amish kitchens because they are normally the coolest space in the home.


Kitchen walls should be painted white with a high gloss paint. Amish kitchens are usually simple in design, very little color or distractions. High-gloss paint is also easy to clean should something splatter on them. The key to an Amish kitchen is to keep the design simple. Cleanliness is a virtue in the Amish culture.


The next step would be to hang hooks for your lighting, which would be white gas lanterns, in an Amish style kitchen.


Decorate simply in a minimalist style, and fill the kitchen with needed cooking supplies; a mortar and pestle, spices and fresh herbs, and a cast iron skillet. Since the Amish do not use electricity, kerosene and Coleman camp stoves allow you to cook without needing electricity. If you want your Amish kitchen to be more luxurious. a wood burning brick oven can be installed.


Outdoor wooden picnic tables are perfect for eating Amish dinners in the heat of the summer. The Amish tradition is all about family and gathering, and a family style table with benches would be the ultimate addition to your Amish style kitchen.