Draw Local Birds this Fall and Winter with a Birdhouse

Birdhouses are a perfect way to provide a safe place for birds that do not migrate during the colder fall and winter months. In addition to being functional, birdhouses can also be aesthetically pleasing, adding a unique quality to your yard.

At Carriage House Furnishings, we have many birdhouses available that are both pretty and practical. These birdhouses are also sure to be conversational pieces when welcoming guests outside your home.

Bird Feeder with Copper RoofOne such option Carriage House Furnishings offers is the large bird feeder with copper roof. This painted birdhouse is made with weather-resistant wood and is topped with a copper-roof. This birdhouse is easy to refill, and is sure to be a great draw for local birds in all four seasons.

If you’re looking to give birds a new nesting place, our low-roof Martin house is constructed from white painted wood and also features a copper top. Made in a style to match the bird feeder above, adding this birdhouse to your yard will give birds not only a place to rest, but also a spot to snack, enticing birds to choose your yard as a favorite place to stay.

When choosing a birdhouse for your home, you aren’t simply looking to buy something that will look nice in your yard – although these options certainly will! You are also buying something that will be functional and appealing to birds, making your yard place to be!

Carriage House Furnishings features the best in Amish-made furniture and fixtures, all designed to add beauty to your home, while at the same time being highly functional and reliable thanks to the solid wood construction of each piece. Amish furniture is widely known for its appearance, durability and quality, and when you buy from Carriage House Furnishings, it will be easy to see why.

Check out these birdhouses and feeders for yourself by stopping into our showroom in the former Lapps Coach Shop location in Intercourse, or call us today at 717-768-8712.