Give Your Hutch a Makeover!

Hutches can be used to display your valuables and even as a place to safely store breakable items. However after some time, it may need a bit of a facelift. Here are some tips for giving your hutch some TLC.

    • First, remove all of the items in the hutch and wash down the walls and the shelves. Clean any glass in the display so that you can see into the hutch.
    • Look through the items that you took out of the hutch. Are there items that really belong somewhere else in the home? Make sure to put them back where they belong so as to use the space as effectively as possible.
    • If you have any decorative items in there, make sure you take a moment to consider where to put them, prominently displaying your favorite pieces. Using either a plate rail or a stand will help to display plates and mug trees can be used for decorative cups.
    • For the more fragile items, make sure to store them carefully. If you are stacking dishes, put either a coffee filter or a paper plate between each plate. To fit more stemware into your hutch, alternate upside down goblets with ones that are right side up. This will fit them in close together and closer to the shelf and helps to avoid scratches.
    • Any silver items should be polished before putting them back inside the hutch. There are bags and boxes that are lined with soft materials, so make sure to use those as they are made specifically for silver storage.
  • Make sure to wash any linen you may have stored, including any that haven’t been used in a while. Fold them neatly and store them either in drawers or in a box. Do not use the iron or any starch on them until they are ready for use. Starch can attract moths and if left for too long, can cause yellowing.

Following these steps will ensure that your hutch will look practically brand new. If you have any questions about hutches, please contact Carriage House Furnishings today.