How Playing with Dolls Benefits Children

How Playing with Dolls Benefits Children It can be hard to pull children away from their electronics. Kids have so many stimulating devices around them that it can be hard to focus their attention elsewhere, but old-fashioned play is great for their minds and their bodies.

Playing dolls comes with a variety of benefits of children of all genders.

Social Skills

Playing with dolls encourages children to play in groups and learn how to cooperate with one another. When children play things such as “house” which is often played with dolls, they are learning how to communicate, establish responsibility, share with one another and more.


Being responsible for a doll can teach a child how to care for something independently. They are responsible for feed the doll, changing the doll, tucking the doll in, and so forth. Children voluntarily care for their dolls without even being told, teaching responsibility to themselves.


Any child can watch cartoons and invest themselves into the story and the characters, but it takes true imagination to play make believe. When your children play with dolls, they’re exercising the part of their brain that is responsible for creativity and compassion. Dolls force them to play pretend.

Brain Development

Playing with dolls has also been known to increase fine motor skills and cognitive ability in children. The more they play with their dolls, the more they will grow and develop.

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