How to Decorate Your Kitchen Island

How to Decorate Your Kitchen Island Kitchen islands come with many benefits: they provide extra kitchen storage, allow for additional seating, and grant more space for cooking.

If you bought a kitchen island from Carriage House Furnishings, consider adding some décor to help make it a focal point of your home.

Showcase Your Green Thumb

Simple yet charming, fresh greenery and stunning blossoms can add life to your kitchen island. Choose a large, overstated bouquet of flowers in energetic colors or a smaller, clear vase with a single flower inside.

If you think of yourself having a “green thumb,” consider growing herbs on your kitchen island that can easily be used when cooking meals to create a fresh taste.

Include a Splash of Color

Decorating your kitchen island with fruit is both refreshing and practical. Select your favorite delectable fruit to feature, from tropical oranges to bright lemons, a lot of different “fake fruit” is available for decorative purposes that won’t spoil.

If you are constantly grabbing fresh fruit, using real fruit makes more sense for your island in particular. Apples, limes, grapefruits, and oranges can easily be stored at room temperature in a decorative basket or bowl.

Consider All Details

Though placing pretty decorations on your kitchen island is certainly an option, if you want to save that space simply for preparing food, incorporate details around the kitchen island instead.

Incorporate pops of bright colors around your island using patterned rugs or bold bar stools. Consider using a light as a “statement piece” above your island that meshes with the rest of your décor as well. A decorative light fixture can make a huge difference in how your island appears.

Carriage House Furnishings has gorgeous kitchen islands in a variety of styles and colors fitting for all types of homes!