How to Organize and Stylize Your Bookshelf

Bookshelves can become a cluttered mess if you aren’t careful of the things you place on them or where you place them. If you want the stylized look you see in the magazines follow our tips and we will have your home in the magazines soon too.
1. Less is More- Don’t place too many things on the shelf it will become cluttered.
2. Color Scheme- You cannot make sure all books are the same color, it simply doesn’t work like that. You can however color coordinate the accessories you use on the shelves. If you are using storage boxes and vases try to keep within the same color family.
3. Decorate the inside wall- use a printed pattern or wallpaper inside the shelf to bring more drama to the look of the wall.
4. Bold Colors- use a bold color to paint the shelf to stand out in the room.
5. Symmetry- if you two or more shelves next to each other try to make them look symmetrical.
6. Storage Bins- If you feel there is no way to organize the things on the shelf you can place all the items into a decorative storage bin and place that to fill the entire shelf space.
7. Loose Papers and Magazines- These items can be hard to store because they flimsy. Use a desk organizer typically used for binders in a office to store those items upright.
8. Layers- If you have deep shelves use these to create layers. Place taller items in the back and shorter items in the front.