How to Style and Display Your Cabinets

Carriage House Furnishings CupboardFor a long time, people didn’t see cabinets beyond their usage. Cabinets merely stored things, and that was it. However, cabinets can be styled and displayed to complement a room’s aesthetic, and say something unique about its usage.

In recent years, display cabinets have increasingly attracted well-deserved attention as a key design component of any home.

Here are some insider tips on you can style your cabinets to enhance your space:

It’s All About Color

 A bland cabinet doesn’t add anything to any room. It’s exactly that: bland. But even the simplest of cabinets can be given a new lease on life through a tried-and-true method: finding the right color. Find the color you’d want to perfectly match the flooring, furniture, and mood of the room, and design your cabinet accordingly.

We suggest shopping for corner cabinets made from rich and sturdy wood. To take it a step further, extend that color palette into the cabinet’s interior. There’s no reason that the entire cabinet shouldn’t come alive. Search for pieces that match the wood of your cabinet to bring the color out.

Smart Arrangements

 Then again, you could have a beautiful cabinet with the perfect color, but everything can fall apart with the arrangement itself. We’ve all seen failed cabinets: the plates and cutlery are stacked high, without any intended effect, and it doesn’t look visually appealing in the last bit.

Many people forget that arrangement can be design-oriented; presenting your possessions in a productive way adds to that effect.

What’s Up Top?

 This happens all the time: people forget that the top of the cabinet provides us with ample space to either store, or present. Use that space wisely: it can act as a great additional way to build upon your cabinet’s style, that doesn’t take any more room. And it’ll be a talking point at any dinner party!

With these style tips in mind, your cabinet can become a focal point of any room it’s in. At Carriage House Furnishings, we offer Amish-style cabinets that can fit well into any space. Contact us today if you have any other questions!