Jewelry & Silverware Chests

jewelry chests

Do you have jewelry or silverware at your home that is just laying around on dressers or buried drawers?  If that is the case, a jewelry chest may be the perfect solution for you. The jewelry chests that we have available are absolutely gorgeous and will make a great addition to any room in your home.


It is so important to take care of jewelry and silverware that you own.  It needs to be stored properly and carefully so that it lasts for years and the heirlooms can be passed on for generations to come.  When you are storing jewelry and silverware there are a few rules to abide by for the best and safest storage.


Pearls should be stored separately in a box or bag.  They are very delicate and can scratch very easily.  Gold and silver should not be stored together; this could cause the gold to tarnish.  Gemstones should not be stored near gold; the gemstones can actually scratch the gold.  Gemstones should not be stored with each other because they can also scratch each other.  Diamonds should be stored alone in separate pouches.  Diamonds are so hard that they can scratch each other.  All forms of jewelry and silverware should be stored far away from hairspray, perfumes and cleaning products.


With all of the above in mind, we have great solutions to meet and exceed your jewelry and silverware storage needs.  We offer jewelry chests, armories, dressing tables, silverware chests and more with plenty of storage room.