Keeping Your Kitchen Island Organized

Keeping Your Kitchen Island OrganizedIf you’re like the majority of busy people, your kitchen island is probably a “catch-all” for an assortment of different things. However, a clean kitchen island can really make your kitchen feel bright and organized.

We have a variety of tips on how you can keep your kitchen island organized and remain in control of your home’s overall appearance.

Take Inventory

The first step towards a clean kitchen island is figuring out what exactly gets set on it throughout the week. If you typically find mail, keys, pens, and bags, figure out where those things actually belong in your kitchen. For example, pens probably go into some type of holder, mail goes onto a desk, and bags should hang on a hook.

There is a good chance that a few of the items that end up on your island don’t have a real place. If that’s the case, create one. If your purse is always ending up on the island, create a place for it to hang in the entrance of your home where it can be nestled away. It may take some time to get used to this new storage spot, but if you make the room for it, you’ll quickly fall into that habit!

Junk Bowl

Undoubtedly, there are some items that that simply don’t belong anywhere, such as quarters, paper clips and other little things that you’ll eventually need but can’t really create a specific space for. Pick out a pretty bowl and designate it as the “junk bowl” on your kitchen island. This method works well for people who still need a spot to toss their keys to keep track of them! Commit going through the every week or two and putting some items where they belong.

Vertical Storage

You might be cramped for space in your kitchen which is how so much ends up going on your island. When you’re lacking counter space, it’s time to starting thinking about vertical storage options. Consider mounting small shelves onto your backsplash to hold your spices, teas, and other small items. Use hooks to hang cooking utensils above the stove right where you need them!

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