Large Purchases Worth Considering

Carriage House FurnishingsIt is no secret that owning a home is expensive. So many different costs come up on a yearly basis that you don’t expect and maintaining your home can start to add up. If you’re working on furnishing your home, it can be tempting to go with cheaper furniture options when you feel like you need “one of everything.”

If you purchase a well-made, solid piece of furniture, you are making an investment in your home and your future.

 If you pay a little more up front, you won’t have to replace the item in a couple of years, and you can pass the furniture down to your kids someday Here are some items you should consider investing in.




You spend every day getting into your bed at night which means you should definitely invest in a bed that is going to last long-term. Our hickory queen bed set is a bit of an investment, but will serve you well over the coming years. It is tougher than nails and versatile too!


Reliable Desk


Even if you don’t work from home, having a desk at home is simply convenient. If your children have a long night of homework ahead of them or if you have to catch up on paying some bills, a desk provides a great space to take care of those things without cluttering the dining room table. An Eshton Oak Desk will stand up to piles of paperwork for decades to come.


Reliable Jewelry Armoire


If you are someone that loves to accessorize, investing in a jewelry armoire is a must. Purchasing one is an investment in your jewelry because it is built to specifically protect and preserve special pieces. To prevent heirloom pieces tarnishing or losing their luster overtime, protect them with a jewelry armoire.


At Carriage House Furnishings our products are designed and solid wood constructed to add beauty to your home while being highly functional at the same time. This type of craftsmanship is from another era – when furniture was built to be attractive, affordable, and sturdy for years to come.