Major Benefits of Hickory Furniture

Hickory is becoming more popular, as homeowners continue to expand their decor options. Popular contemporary designs now include hickory cabinets, and even hickory floors. Though you want slight contrast in colors to make your furniture pop, your furniture should at least be the same style of wood throughout the home.

Not to mention Hickory provides some outstanding benefits to your decor, especially if you love rustic and romantic themes..

Below, we’ve highlighted just a few of the many benefits hickory furniture can bring to a home.

  • Hickory has attractive grain markings, which can appear as wavy or straight, depending on the sawing style.
  • Hickory provides a beautiful inimitable reddish brown color.
  • Famous for durability, hickory is the densest hard wood in North America.
  • Hickory is extremely useful and versatile; people use it for décor, construction, and even cooking!
  • Hickory has significant markings where branches would grow.
  • Hickory weighs about fifty pounds per square foot, so it is extremely strong and can withstand a lot.

All the hickory furniture available at Lapp’s Coach Shop is handcrafted in an Amish community in western Pennsylvania. We offer a great selection of hickory items that are top quality and reasonably priced.