Make Getting the Mail More Fun

Is getting the mail just another chore that you have to do? If you live in a home with a long driveway, it may feel like a pain to walk all the way down there to pick up what’s sure to be mostly bills and useless coupons. At Carriage House Furnishings, we think that getting the mail can be a fun part of the day! That’s because we offer unique mailboxes that will add a little whimsy to the chore of picking up the mail.

Lighthouse Mailbox

Do you live by the ocean or have you always wanted to? Why not bring a little bit of that seaside life to your home wherever you live? Check out Carriage House Furnishing’s Lighthouse Mailbox. This unique mailbox is shaped just like a real lighthouse, and even includes a solar panel that lights the top of the lighthouse, allowing it to serve as a navigation beacon when you come home at night.

MailboxesBarn-Style Mailbox

If you live on a farm, or it was always a dream of yours to have a farm, why not put one of our barn-style mailboxes at the end of your driveway? These adorable barn mailboxes come in beige, blue, brown and clay colors with your choice of white, red, black, blue, brown or green trim. Order a mailbox that matches the colors of your home and have a fun new place to pick up your post.

Cedar Barn-Style Mailbox

If you prefer a classic look, check out our Cedar Mailbox. This mailbox is carefully handmade with cedar siding, and would look great next to any style home. This mailbox also looks a bit like a country shed or a small barn and will add a bit of rustic charm to your property.

As you know, our products are all carefully handmade, so you can bet that all of our gorgeous mailboxes will last. We know that strong winds, heavy snows and punishing rains can take a toll on your mailbox, but these mailboxes, built with Amish craftsmanship and attention to detail, are sure to last years longer than the cookie-cutter ones you might pick up at the hardware store.

If you have any questions about our mailboxes or birdhouses or to place an order, call Carriage House Furnishings today at 717-768-8712 or stop in and see us in Ronks, Pennsylvania today.