More on Amish Hope Chests

 The hope chest (cedar chest, dowry chest, glory box) is traditionally what unmarried women use to put collections of clothing, dishware and bed and table linens in, as a preparation for married life. Hope chests are not just relics of yesteryear, as many families create them today made from chests that have become heirlooms and have been handed down. And Amish hope chests are hand made, durable pieces of art that anyone would feel privileged to own.


Amish furniture is traditionally made of fine woods such as oak, cherry, and hickory. It is made the old fashioned way, without electricity, and comes to you from the hands of skilled craftsmen who take great pride in what they create.The wood stains used are the finest in the world and there is a wide variety of colors to choose from.

 Amish hope chests are made with the same care as all Amish furniture. They are pieces that can be as individual as you are, and they can be made to your direct specifications. Stylish and durable, Amish hope chests are created to last and become family heirlooms, as one generation hands it down to the next, and they become beloved pieces of a family’s history.


Young women the world over are still making up hope chests as they look towards marriage. Hope chests are family treasures that are used with pride and a great deal of nostalgia by each generation. Amish made hope chests are especially in demand for their beautiful lines and impeccable quality, and they can be wonderful, lasting additions to any household.