New Uses for Barrels in Your Home Decor

Your home decor is a part of you and speaks about, not only your style, but also says a bit about who you are. All of us want to be inspired when decorating our homes, and do something unique to us. Using unusual pieces, things that can be transformed from their original intention, may just be your defining moment.


A barrel is one such item. Its versatility may come as a complete surprise. Wine barrels can become so much more than what they seem to be. They can be dressed up or down, go with the rustic or the elegant, and used in a wide variety of ways.


The regular sized wine barrel can be a side table in your living room – the perfect place for a lamp, a cup of tea, and your favorite book. Two of them can be used as night stands in your bedroom, or serve as a sideboard in your dining room. Take three and place them under a long board of wood and they become a buffet table.


You can take a wine barrel, cut it in half and stain it to match your other living room furniture, and it becomes a beautiful and unusual coffee table. Use the other half as a chiller for cold drinks. Fill it with ice and put your favorite beverages in it, ready for a barbecue.


There are also gigantic barrels, and people have, quite ingeniously, made them into a cozy sleeping area, complete with ladder and mattress.


Carriage House Furnishings has a beautifully stained and stamped Jack Daniels barrel for sale for $352.50. It can become a pedestal for a flower arrangement or, if you are having a rustic wedding, it can be a table for the wedding cake.


Used inside or outside, the barrel can have a multitude of functions, depending on how wild your imagination can get. So be creative and think outside the box. As a table, as a buffet support, a nightstand or just as decoration, barrels are unique and whimsical. They are gorgeous just standing alone or used for something more practical. And using a barrel in your home’s decor might just say something special about you.