Organizing Your Dresser For Fun and Solace


Our dressers tend to become catch-alls for a variety of things besides clothes, and it can run you ragged when you’re trying to find your favorite pair of earrings or that “other” sock. Give yourself a break and try organizing your dresser so that things are easy to find and you don’t have to go on a drawer hunt when trying to find something. Here are a few tips.




Organization need not be an overwhelming task. All you need to do is think about what you use most often. Clear things off the top of your dresser. Keep only those items you use everyday on top – things like cologne and night creams. Where jewelry is concerned don’t throw your bracelet on top of your dresser anymore. Why not get either some kind of mesh board or a fabric covered bulletin board, and poke your favorite earrings through it. It is a pretty display as well an efficient way to keep jewelry. For necklaces and chains, think about draping them on some figurines or hanging them on a decorative hook. There is a wealth of ring holders to be found in gift shops, and these can go right on top of your dresser, and the same for bracelets. You will find that de-cluttering your dresser top will give you room for a nice vase of flowers. For other dresser top clutter, get yourself a lucite grid holder and store sunglasses, nail polish, and other items in it and put it in a top drawer


Go through your drawers


Sort things. You will want to put the same items in one place. Once again, mesh can come in handy for partitioning off drawers, or you can use extendable plastic dividers. If you want to organize things by color or style, do it. And, as above, keep things that you use everyday most handy. If you workout, keep your workout gear in one drawer, so you can just grab it and go. If your partner wears ties everyday, place them singly, and nicely folded, along a shallow drawer floor, without putting one on top of another. Then you can find them easily. Place items that might be hard to see or find, like hose and camisoles, in separate compartments. For bras, get a rectangular box for the drawer. That will keep them neat and accessible.


When to fold; when to roll


When placing things into compartments and drawers it is good to know which items you should fold and which you can roll. The rule of thumb is things made of synthetic fibers won’t wrinkle so they can be rolled. But be sure to fold cotton tanks and tops.


Organizing a dresser need not be a stressful project. Just get your priorities in order, knowing what things you use most often, and making them the easiest things to find. And when you are done, you will feel good about yourself with all your stuff in its place. Keeping things neat and tidy in your dresser goes a long way towards being neat and tidy in other areas of your life.