Hickory Hoop Rocker


30d x 24w x 34h

Upholstered with ranger fabric


What’s as comfy as a cup chair and as relaxing as a rocking chair? Our Hickory Hoop Rocker, of course! Come sit in the finest built Hickory Hoop Rocker, upholstered with ranger fabric, here at Carriage House Furnishings– we know you’ll fall in love! Can’t visit us in person? Order online. It’s just that easy. Also, you can order with peace of mind knowing that our furniture is Amish made, crafted from 100% solid wood, one-of-a-kind, heirloom-quality and built to last. This particular rocker measures 30d x 24w x 34h so you can make plans to add it to your living room, sun porch or bedroom. Order now!

Place it on the front porch at the cabin. Put it on the back deck at the lake house. Enjoy rocking for hours in the comfort of your own home. However you choose to enjoy it, the Hickory Hoop Rocker will exceed your expectations. Built by Amish hands from 100% solid wood, it measures 30d x 24w x 34h and comes upholstered with ranger fabric. It’s crafted to last and to be passed onto the next generation. Order online today, call us at 717-768-8712 or– better yet– come visit our showroom in person where you can see all we have to offer at Carriage House Furnishings, where we’ve been in the high-quality furniture business since 1995.

Many forest animals such as woodpeckers, wild turkeys, chipmunks, beavers, forest mice and deer eat bark, leaves and fruit of hickory. Those that feed on fruit facilitate dispersal of seed. Wood of hickory is dense, hard and durable. It was used for the manufacture of aircraft in the past.


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