Properly Caring for Your Bird House

Bird House from Carriage House FurnishingsA beautiful summer day illuminates your garden, yet you still feel like something is missing.  Suddenly you realize; it is not what you see that is unsatisfying but instead what you don’t hear.  The air is still and quiet without the natural ambiance of your favorite feathery visitors.

Investing in a quality bird house, often known as a nesting box, will attract birds and provide them with a reliable shelter.

Benefits of a Bird House

Not only will a bird house attract specific songbirds to your yard, but those birds will often eliminate pesky insects, fest on unwanted weeds, and assist bees with pollination.  To do so, however, you must upkeep your bird house to encourages reuse year after year. When cleaning out your birdhouse, it is best to wait until the end of breeding season.  By cleaning the bird house, you will reduce the chance of hazardous factors such as rodents, bacteria, and insects.

Easy to Upkeep

To clean the bird house appropriately, clear out anything the birds might have added to their temporary home.  While scraping out clumped materials and potential feces is not desirable, they make for excellent compost.  Once the debris is removed, scrub and rinse the house well with plenty of water.  Allow the house to dry out in the sun, for at least a full day, before putting it back outside. To protect your visitors, check for loose hinges or screws when you clean it out as well.

Thoughtful Design

If you’re attempting to attract favorable birds to your yard, keep in mind that bright colored nesting boxes could discourage them. Some birds seek bird houses as a place of refuge from enemies and don’t want to stand out.  Carriage House Furnishing paints humble houses using a subtle cream coloring.  The wood is durable and porous allowing heat to escape, keeping birds comfortable.  The pitched roof hangs over far enough to prevent larger predators from attacking from above.

Carriage House Furnishing takes into consideration not only what you might find appealing in a bird house but also the practical needs of the birds themselves. Shop our bird houses today.