Setting Up Your Ideal Patio

Setting Up Your Ideal PatioThe warmth of the summer months persuade us to spend most of our time outdoors where we can enjoy the season.  Setting up your ideal patio for the summer depends on your purpose for the patio; will you use your space to accommodate large gatherings of family and friends or for more private, special occasions between you and a loved one?

Patios offer the perfect space for extending your living area and hosting guests outside, here are some ideas on how to set up your summer patio.

A Patio for Entertaining

 Setting up your patio for quality entertaining requires enough furniture to seat and host numerous guests. Gliders fit multiple people comfortably and give guests the choice of moving back and forth or staying still, while fan back gliders offer additional comfort for laying your head back.

Utilize bistro tables spaced out on the patio as the perfect holders of drinks and snacks, especially when hosting larger groups.

A Patio for Romance

Arrange a romantic patio for you and your spouse perfect for misty, glimmering mornings and dreamy, starlit evenings.

Focus on furniture built for two and cuddle close with your special someone on a curved swing or glider and enjoy the great outdoors, and one another, from the comfort of your own home.

A Patio for Relaxing

There is no better way to relax outside your home than by rocking on the patio. Single rockers and gliders placed next to an end table create the perfect combination for relaxing in the seasonal breeze while sipping fresh lemonade in the sun. Grab your favorite book or simply take in the feeling of the sun on your face.

Set up your ideal patio this summer with quality made Amish outdoor furniture from Carriage House Furnishings in Lancaster County, PA.