Starting a Hope Chest with a durable Trunk or Chest

It is tradition in many families to begin a hope chest for your daughter for when she is married and ready to leave the nest. It is a very sentimental gesture to give your daughter some key items to get started with when she is married. 


No matter what your budget is for this, you can decide to start adding in the smaller cost items first for her like cookbooks, small kitchen items, and dishtowels. As your budget affords you can begin adding in more expensive items, that are also must haves.


The more heart and thought that you put into the items you include will be appreciated even more. If you are great at sewing or are crafty, consider embroidering some of the different linens that you include. Another great option would be to sew a quilt. You can sew a quilt for your future grandchildren, or as a wedding gift. 


Usually hope chests are made out of cedar; this type of material is great for preserving items over a long period. Click here for an example of one of our cedar chests that would be great for a hope chest. 


Lastly in your hope chest you should include family memories or heirlooms that you pass down from generation to generation.  A scrapbook of pictures of her life would be great to add as well.  You can even tuck a few notes away to remind your daughter how much you love her.


Feel free to be creative, and use this information as a guide to get started.  No matter if your budget is big or small; any items that you can put away for your daughter when she is married or moves out will always be appreciated.