The Historic Tradition of Amish Mission Furniture

Amish Mission Furniture is known for its sturdy construction, simple, attractive design, and reliance on hand craftsmanship. Furniture builders who work within the Amish Mission tradition focus on straightforward, honest aesthetics and the preservation of traditional woodworking techniques. These pieces are all solid wood, and not particle board that is often found in other furniture factories throughout the country.


Amish Mission furniture is closely related to the Arts & Crafts movement, which was sparked by furniture and home designers such as William Morris and Frank Lloyd Wright. This movement encouraged the renunciation of the mass-production techniques bred by the Industrial Revolution. Rather than embracing the mass-produced, cookie cutter items that the Industrial Revolution had created, followers of the Arts & Crafts movement rejected the factory-produced items, and refocused their attention on creating unique handmade items.


The Amish share many values with the Arts & Crafts movement, particularly in regard to their focus on simplicity, clean living, and building with purpose. In addition, because of long-held religious beliefs and traditions, the lifestyle of the Amish prevented them from employing the automated machinery of the Industrial Revolution. Rather than getting involved with factories and machines, the Amish applied their traditions to the Arts & Crafts movement and continued to produce beautiful, sturdy, handmade furniture items.


Today, Amish craftsmen continue to carry on on the traditions of their furniture-building ancestors. The same values of simplicity, hand construction, and classic design are still reflected in today’s Amish Mission furniture.


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