The Importance of Eating Together

Summer is often seen as a time when families can spend more time together! With kids off from schoolKitchen table with 4 chairs and a bench and vacations likely, it is easy to see why. No matter the time of year, it’s likely that the people in your family have different schedules, which can make eating meals together difficult.

In recent years, many people have decided to do dinner very casually- meaning that dinner is cooked or ordered, and people eat it whenever. This leads to people sitting on the couch in front of the television while eating and not talking to one another.

While ordering a pizza and watching a movie together can be a fun Friday night treat, doing it nightly has a bad impact. Studies have shown that sitting down to have at least one meal together- be it breakfast, lunch, or dinner, per day has a wide array of benefits! Some of the benefits include the following.

Quality Time

Having a meal together allows everyone to reconnect and discuss their day. Rather than the usual “How are things?” “Good.” It allows for a deeper connection- maybe what starts as a discussion about the day can open into deeper conversations

Slow Down

Studies have shown that enjoying a meal together is a great way to become more grounded.

In addition, it also allows everyone to pay attention to what they are eating and slow down to enjoy the meal. While home-cooked meals are unparalleled in terms of flavor and offer health benefits, the benefits of eating together exist even with fast food. Rather than eating it in the car or over the kitchen counter, taking time to plate up the takeout or fast food and sitting at your table is much better.


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