Tips for Moving Heavy Furniture Safely

Moving heavy furniture is often the most difficult part of any move. These big and burdensome items can easily strain backs and pull muscles if you’re not careful, and trying to navigate weighty items through narrow hallways or stairwells can be all the more frustrating. In this entry, we’ll look at a few simple ways to spare yourself the pain and consternation associated with moving heavy furniture.


You’ve probably seen a TV show or movie with a sinking ship, where the passengers try to throw everything off to reduce weight to save the vessel. The same practice can work for moving larger furniture. If the piece has drawers, make sure everything is removed and, if possible, take out the drawers entirely. Losing the extra weight will make lifting far easier.


Another tip is to make full use of moving blankets. Besides protecting items in transit, moving blankets can allow you to slide heavy furniture across lawns and hardwood floors. Simply lay down the blanket and place the furniture on top, pulling the blanket along to slide it into place. Similarly, laying blankets down over steps can allow you to slide large pieces up the stairs instead of struggling to awkwardly carry the heavy item into your home.


Plan in advance where items will go in your new home before moving. This will help in several ways. First, the truck can be strategically packed so that items destined for interior rooms are placed toward the front, preventing you from having to navigate around other items that may get in the way. Mapping out your plan also lets you know exactly what obstacles you will have to contend with along the way so that there are no surprises while you’re managing a heavy item. Measure doorways and narrow hallways in advance to ensure you can make it through before getting stuck with nowhere to go.


Take it slow and plan ahead, and you’ll be able to move heavy furniture safely and with relative ease.