Tips for Refurbishing an Amish Storage Chest

Rustic storage chestHandcrafted Amish storage chests are not only visually appealing but are extremely durable and will be able to protect your precious belongings for years to come.

Since these chests lasts for so long, there may come a time when you need to spruce up its appearance. While each rustic wooden chest is unique with its own design and coloration, there are certain common refurb tactics that can be used to have your older storage chest looking its best.

Should you be looking to refurbish your Amish storage chest, we have listed a few ideas that will add aesthetic appeal, match the design of your home and reflect your personality.

Match the theme of your home

One tip that we always suggest when refurbishing these chests is maintaining the theme of the rooms in your home.

If you are going for a rustic look to reflect a down-home, lodge-like feel, you may want to distress the look of the trunk. You can do this easily by purchasing some sandpaper at your local hardware store and “roughing” up the edges of the trunk. Remember, it is better to sand too little at first than it is to sand too much. You can always go back and sand some more, but you cannot undo what has already been done.

Stain or paint the chest

To create an even more rustic look, you can purchase some antique stain or even paint over the sanded areas. If you are staining, wipe off excess stains with a soft cloth to obtain a deep, aged appearance.

Use a finish kit

If you are going for a more finished appearance to complement the style of your home, you may want to visit a craft store and purchase a specialized finish kit.

These kits allow you to refurbish your storage chests to appear as if they are marble, granite or even metallic. They are easy to use and include step-by-step directions.

A storage chest with some gold leafing would be a wonderful addition to any room, leaving your guests wondering where you found such a beautiful chest.

If you have an older storage chest and feel that it is too far gone to be refurbished, you can always purchase a new one as well. At Carriage House Furnishings, we are proud to offer new Amish storage and toy chests that are handcrafted by our experienced and professional staff.

We take great pride in offering hand-made Amish furniture for those throughout Lancaster, PA and the surrounding areas and promise to provide you with a chest you’ll enjoy for decades to come. To learn more or to place an order, give us a call today at 717-768-8712.