What is a Pie Safe?

You may have heard of a pie safe, but they are not used quite as much by Englishers as they used to be since technology has advanced. A pie safe is an old piece of furniture that would be used to store pies to keep them safe from bugs, vermin, and maybe even the children. These were all handcrafted and they were all unique.
Pie Safes were designed to have a drawer or drawers on top then below cabinet doors. The doors typically would have punched tin panels. The holes punched into these panels would allow ventilation for all the baked goods inside the cabinet.
Pie safes also were used to store canned goods. These cabinets were used before the ice box was invented so they could be used to store all the goods that many now keep in the refrigerator.
Englishers may no longer be storing pies in pie safes but they can have many uses and are still a functional piece of furniture. Many people use them for storage in a dining space because they have a nice solid top that can be used to display many valuables in the dining room.
They also have the drawer and shelf space to provide storage for the extra linens and dining room service pieces. They can also provide the extra amount of charm you may be searching for to make your house feel like a home. Pie Safes can be used to store pies in but they may serve a greater purpose as conversation piece.
If you want to hide the pie from the kids, you’re more than welcome to use it for its original purpose.