What Makes Wood the Most Eco-Friendly Furniture Choice?

Three-piece wooden bedroom set with walnut finish

As the world puts more focus on protecting our natural environment, many people wonder how they can contribute to these efforts on an individual level. While you could pay to install solar panels or become a vegetarian, there is also a simpler way to live more sustainably—wood furniture!

Furnishing your home with high-quality wood furniture is an easy and effective way to become eco-friendlier in your day-to-day life. Check out these reasons why wood is the greenest furniture choice you can make.

Wood is a renewable resource

Unlike other furniture materials such as plastic or metal, wood is readily available, and our supply is continuously being replenished. Trees grow pretty much everywhere, which reduces the energy associated with shipping materials. Plus, modern selective harvesting and reforestation processes keep our wood resources healthy and growing.

There is no waste in wood manufacturing

Harvesting wood produces virtually no waste. Everything that comes out of the process is reused (lumber, energy production, etc.) or recycled. The little waste that is produced is 100% biodegradable, which means any materials left over will break down and be absorbed by the earth, nourishing the soil and surrounding plant life.

Wood lowers our carbon footprint

Trees remove carbon dioxide from the air for photosynthesis, which creates oxygen as a byproduct. Once the CO2 is absorbed, it is stored in their wooden trunks. Choosing wood furniture helps keep that stored CO2 out of the atmosphere, helping to prevent climate change and reduce the greenhouse effect.

Wood is long-lasting

Wood furniture is often sought out because it’s sturdy and durable. When your furniture holds up to wear and tear over the years, you won’t have to replace your pieces as quickly as you would with other materials. The longer you can use the same furniture, the less energy and fewer resources will need to be used for new products.

At Carriage House Furnishings, we want you to feel good about your furniture choices. That’s why we carefully craft Amish-made wood furniture that will enhance your space and help you live a greener lifestyle. In our showroom in Lancaster, PA, you’ll find everything from bedroom furniture and kitchen islands to children’s toys, rustic accents, and more.

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