Why Every Household Needs a Rocking Chair

When you envision a child’s nursery, what do you always picture? A few pieces that come to mind would probably be a crib, changing table, some toys and stuffed animals, and a classic wooden rocking chair. What about when you think of a cliché grandmother’s house? Do you picture her in a robe and slippers sitting by the fireplace, knitting a scarf and moving back and forth in a rustic glider?

Rocking chairs are beautiful, traditional furniture pieces that make a special addition to any home. They’re a family staple that offer many benefits aside from being unique, gorgeous accents in any room, and creating a cozy atmosphere. Read on to learn more about why we believe no home is truly complete without a classic wooden rocking chair.

Why Every Household Needs a Rocking Chair

Surprising Physical Health Benefits

You may not instinctively put a rocking chair on a list of physical therapy tools, but it can be very helpful with the healing process for a number of ailments. Rocking chairs have been proven to help ease back pain and symptoms of arthritis. President John. F. Kennedy’s doctor actually prescribed him a rocking chair to help manage his back pain!

The continuous back and forth motion of rocking increases blood flow through the body, allowing joints to get more oxygen and easing pain associated with arthritis and other conditions. The movement aids in the prevention of pain signals traveling to the brain by tapping into the parasympathetic nervous system. Consistent use of a rocking chair also helps to build strength and flexibility in the knees.

Believe it or not, a rocking chair can be an effective form of exercise as well as a therapeutic pain management tool. Older individuals or those with conditions preventing them from partaking in more vigorous or challenging forms of exercise can get in a workout just by rocking back and forth. As a weight loss and fitness tool, a rocking chair burns on average 150 calories an hour, improves knee extension, and strengthens hand muscles.

Improve Mental Health

The benefits that using a rocking chair has on your mental health are reason enough alone to invest in one for you and your family. The rocking motion is not only effective at soothing physical pain, but it relaxes the mind as well. It has been known to help reduce stress, anxiety, and depression through triggering the release of endorphins that improve mood.

When you think about it, rocking is an instinctive form of movement that many individuals use to self-soothe. You might be reminded of the way a baby can be lulled to sleep when being swayed back and forth—often in a rocking chair—or how a small child or someone with autism will naturally engage in the motion to calm themselves down. The soothing effects of a rocking chair also help to foster deep sleep.

We mentioned how the repetitive act of rocking can quell anxiety and help to relieve feelings of depression in general; it has also been known to have a notably positive impact on patients suffering from dementia. Dementia patients are often told to use a rocking chair because of its proven ability to reduce feelings of depression and anxiety—as those with the disease often find themselves dealing with an overwhelming sense of both. The movement also has been shown to improve their balance as well.

Build a Family Tradition

A beautiful, hand-crafted, wooden rocking chair makes an incredible family heirloom to pass down from generation to generation. Rocking chairs promote child-parent bonding and enhance a baby’s emotional, social, and cognitive development—which is why you’ll find one in most nurseries. This often makes them the origin of many fond, meaningful memories for both children and their parents.

Even after an infant has grown too old to be rocked, a rocking chair is an excellent addition to a child’s room as a place to set aside time to spend together as a family, unwind and talk, or even read a story. It serves as a place of comfort during one of the most crucial points of your child’s development, fostering sentimental value that cannot be assigned to just any random object. This transforms the rocking chair into a piece of beloved family history.

Now that you fully understand everything a rocking chair has to offer, you’ll probably want to get started on choosing the right one. Don’t waste your time or money on one that isn’t going to last to see the growth and development of your family for years and generations to come.

Check out our diverse selection of high-quality, uniquely hand-crafted, wooden rockers and gliders. Stop by or contact us today to invest in a timeless and meaningful addition to your home!