Why You Should Choose Wooden Toys

Why You Should Choose Wooden ToysIf you’ve been to a toy store lately, you’ve probably noticed that the majority of toys are bright, loud, and plastic.

However, old-fashioned wooden toys that used to entertain kids for hours have made a strong comeback in recent years.

In fact, playing with wooden toys can actually be very beneficial for your child.

Extremely Durable             

Wooden toys are durable; a must-have when it comes to children’s toys. Wooden toys rarely break or lose their paint like many other toys do. Instead of being made of plastic that easily cracks, wooden toys are sturdy and stand up to play time that might be on the rougher side. Unlike stuffed animals, wooden toys will stand the test of time. If you give one to your child to play with, your great grandchild could be playing with the same toy decades from now.

Commit to Safety

Since wooden toys aren’t as prone to breakage as other types of toys on the market, they are often safer for your kids to play with. You won’t have to worry about cuts or scrapes on jagged plastic. All wooden toys are sanded and treated, so splinters won’t be an issue either. Although you have to make sure the toy is age appropriate, they often provide safer options when compared to other toys.

Creativity and Imagination

Wooden toys are just that: toys made of wood. Wooden toys don’t dance and sing and they don’t come with a battery pack. When your child plays with a wooden toy, he or she will have to use his or her imagination in order to play. Imagination and creativity don’t come easily to children who spend most of their days watching television or playing with electronics.

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