Why You Should Consider Switching to a Built-In Garbage Can

Whether you’re running out of space in your kitchen, or you don’t want your garbage can on display, then built-in garbage cans are the perfect option for you! They are sleek, convenient, and look great in your kitchen. Here are a few more reasons why you should consider adding a built-in garbage can to your kitchen!

It Keeps Garbage Out of Sight

When you think about your dream kitchen, it’s doubtful that your garbage can is something that you picture in it. Regardless, you’ll need to have a garbage can in your kitchen, so you might as well keep it hidden! Built-in garbage cans are easy to use, and they blend right into the kitchen. Usually, these fixtures will have multiple false fronts that allows them to blend in naturally in your kitchen.

Helps Control Garbage Odor

The last thing that you want is to have an unpleasant smell lingering around an area where you handle food. Built-in garbage cans help eliminate odors and neutralize unpleasant scents. To further reduce unpleasant scents, you can use odor-controlling garbage bags and add lids to the top of your cans! All of these tips combined will help keep your kitchen smelling pleasant.

Allows You to Sort Your Waste

There is more than one way to dispose of your waste. Besides throwing it away, you can also recycle and compost certain products! You can recycle products such as plastic bottles, paper, glass, and more. You’re also encouraged to compost items such as vegetable waste, coffee grounds, and fruit scraps. Purchasing a double trash cabinet allows you to sort your garbage accordingly, and makes it easy for you to dispose of your waste.

Easy to Manage Garbage 

Built-in garbage cans are very easy to manage. Garbage cans easily slide in and out of the frames they are placed in. Plus, you can use any drawer space around the storage area to keep extra garbage bags, so they are always close by when you need them!

If you’re looking for a new way to store your garbage can, Carriage House Furnishings offers built-in cabinet garbage cans that conveniently tuck away the garbage in your kitchen. Browse our collection online or in-store to find your one-of-a-kind Amish built-in cabinet garbage cans today!