Winter Storage Tips for Outdoor Furniture

Summer has come to a close and it is time to start packing away all those summer items. This includes our summer outdoor furniture.
It is important to take the time to properly store and care for these items at the end of the season. They will be packed away and not thought of for a few months, you will not want to go out and check on them in the dead of winter. Even if you don’t have snow it will be colder than you want to deal with.
Packing and storing the furniture properly now also means you will have your outdoor living space up and running in no time when spring blooms.


  1. Clean the furniture- This is the first step to making sure you have an easy transition in the spring time. All wooden furniture items can be washed with murphy oil and water and set out to dry. Mesh, wicker, and iron items can be washed with soap and water and let to dry. The drying process is important as you do not want the items to grow mold or mildew.

  3. Clean cushions- Yes those pesky cushions (if you have any on them) also need a good cleaning and drying time. For these use Lysol cleaner and water, if heavy stains use bleach. But make sure to do an inconspicuous test area first.

  5. Treat Teak Furniture- Use specialty oil to keep your teak furniture looking like new.

  7. Tuck it in- Use furniture covers to keep them protected. Even if they are going inside, it important to cover them to protect them from the dust that may collect over the winter months.

  9. Store them- If you have indoor storage then use it to store the items you think will need the most protection, make sure to play Tetris and use all the possible space. If there isn’t storage available inside or you run out of space make sure those items are covered. Then throughout the winter periodically brush snow and leaves off the covers. This will ensure the snow doesn’t melt through the covers.