Keeping Children Safe: Securing Your Home Furniture

A startling video was released recently that has been going viral. It can be hard to watch for parents out there, but it presents us with a fantastic lesson.

In the video, which was captured by a family’s security system, two twin brothers are playing while climbing on a large dresser. It is all fun and games until a moment of horror occurs when the dresser suddenly starts to tip over. The dresser, which is unsecured, falls onto one of the boys. Luckily, the other boy is able to push the dresser off his brother and both boys escaped unscathed.

But what was the real issue here and how could this have been avoided? At the core, the concern here revolves around the risks that unsecured furniture can pose, and the solution is making sure that every piece of heavy furniture is carefully anchored and secured to the wall. As CNN reports, the dresser is believed to be an IKEA model, which included anchoring fixtures to prevent just such an occurrence from happening. Let’s look at the best ways to make sure that dressers and other heavy furniture items stay securely in place.

Secure Your Furniture With Hooks, Brackets or Zip Ties

The best way to secure your furniture to the wall is to use hardware, such as hooks or brackets. You can pick up what you need at just about any hardware store.

One of the simplest solutions to consider is using L-hooks to do the job. As Life As Mom notes, they are a piece of cake to install. First, measure the height of your furniture and make a mark against the wall. Then, screw the hooks into the wall and then into the top of the dresser or bookcase so that it won’t move no matter how much you budge or nudge it.

There are many other types of hooks you can use as well. Quakehold and other manufacturers offer steel furniture cables that secure even the heaviest of furniture items, as The Sweethome says. It’s important to be sure to find a stud within the wall, however, as simply drilling into drywall will not provide sufficient support.

A final option is to use a zip tie system to keep your furniture in place. These systems have been around for a long time and have been trusted by many to keep furniture and its owners safe. They work in a similar way to the hook system, but are simpler to install and remove, which makes them a fast and easy solution.

Keeping your furniture in place is vital to preventing injuries to playful and curious children. Of course, you also need to have effective storage for your kids clothes and other belongings, as well. If you’re looking for high-quality furniture, then shop from Carriage House Furnishings. Every piece of furniture in our inventory is sturdy, durable and gorgeous to look, and the excellent Amish craftsmanship means that you can trust it will last the test of time. Come by our showroom in Ronks, Pennsylvania today or call us 717-768-8712 to learn more.