Spring Cleaning Tips

Spring is here, and with it comes the often dreaded spring cleaning.

A window with a sign that says "Spring Cleaning"

While it can seem overwhelming, the key is to start small and have a plan. So, open up some windows (if it isn’t too chilly, of course) and put on some good music- with our tips, your spring cleaning is sure to be a breeze!


Start with Sorting and Clearing Out

The first step is to clear out the rooms. Declutter your toy room, clear off the counters and do the dishes, and put away any laundry- just start by putting things where they go. Once the spaces are more or less clear, the cleaning is more manageable!

Tip: Bring two bins or bags to each room. Label one “donate” and the other “get rid of.” By the time you finish going through that room, you can bring them to the next (if there is enough space in them) or tie them up. When you’re ready to take out the trash or load up your car, it’s ready to go!

Clean From Top to Bottom

Once your rooms are decluttered, you have the space to clean. Start from top to bottom! Spring cleaning is a great time to address areas that you normally skip on your weekly cleans. So make sure to get to everywhere, from ceiling fan blades to floorboards!

Tip: it’s best to start with dry cleaning before wet cleaning. So do any dusting and sweeping before you move on to washing the walls, windows, and floors.

Use Proper Cleaners

All your cleaning can lead to damage if you are using the wrong cleaners for what you need. Before you start, double-check that you have all the right cleaners- and of course, never mix any together.

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