Top Nursery Themes of 2023

When you’re expecting a bundle of joy, part of the fun is planning the nursery!Young parents considering color options for the nursery they are painting.

Some opt for simple and straightforward, while others go all out. Whichever way you go, knowing the trends may help some of your choices or inspire you., so below are some of the top nursery trends of 2023!


Whether it’s nostalgia or a love of history, one thing is certain- recent years have seen an uptick in vintage nurseries! The term “Vintage” encompasses anything older than 20 years old. Since the term is so all-encompassing, it can be as broad or specific as you like! Many opt for a more Victorian-Era influence, while others prefer adding parts of their childhood with elements from the 1990s!


Nature-themed nurseries can be done in many different ways. For some, they incorporate foliage and dark green colors. Others go with an almost adventurer and explorer route, lining the walls with maps and jungle images. However, one of the most popular ways is using natural elements and colors. For that, we suggest hickory furniture. Not only is it durable enough for the most rambunctious of explorers, but the natural wood elements make you feel right in nature.


More people are moving towards a sustainable way of living. In nurseries, this is seen by getting local art, ethically sourced linens, and investing in furniture that lasts a lifetime, meaning there is a focus on high-quality furniture in every area. From cribs to toys, having artfully crafted and sustainable furniture is a must!

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