A History of Pie Safes

DoublePie SafeAre you looking for that one piece of quality furniture that will transform your kitchen or foyer into a beautiful picture of the past? Then you should look into a gorgeous and beautifully crafted pie safe. But what is a pie safe, and where did they originate? Read on for a history lesson about these impressive pieces of furniture.

Also known as pie chests, pie cupboards and kitchen safes, pie safes are well-crafted pieces of furniture that have been in existence since the 1700s. Between the 1700s and 1800s, pie safes were a standard piece of furniture found in almost all households until ice boxes replaced many of them in later years.

The primary use of pie safes was to store and protect pies, bread, meat and many other perishables so that they could be protected against insects and other vermin and stay fresh. Usually made of wood, these pie safes were about the size of a large bureau with perforated shelves and two hinged doors in front.

It is often believed that pie safes were first brought to our country when the first German people immigrated to Pennsylvania. These Pennsylvania Dutch brought their new way of storing baked goods to the United States, and it was then when the pie chest was born. Upon their introduction, these chests were very much in style and anyone looking to keep their food fresh had one in their home.

Obviously, technology and furnishings have changed throughout the years, and the invention of ice boxes and then refrigerators made these pieces more of a want than a need. Now, in the 21st century, collectors and fans of fine furniture are still thrilled about their well-crafted pie safes.

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