Decorating for Fall with Natural Woods

Jack Daniel's Barrel | Amish Furniture Can you believe it? Fall is in the air! If you’re looking for a few tips on adding some fall-themed décor to your home this season without breaking out the pumpkins and the cornucopias quite yet, read on to learn about how to decorate for fall using natural woods.

Wood-Scented Candles

Midwest Living says that spreading some candles around your home is a surefire way to cozy things up in time for fall. If you head to your local home goods store, pick out a few wood-wicked candles. These unique scents will fill your home with a delightful woodland smell.

Rustic Accents

Natural wood gives your home a cozy, rustic feeling: add some seasonal flair to your refrigerator with magnets made from branches you find in your backyard. Simply saw the branches into one-inch thick pieces, and affix a magnet to the back with wood glue or a hot glue gun. You can paint or stamp a design onto the front. Add them to the fridge, and the kitchen will be ready for fall.

The same method can be used to make coasters, wine glass name tags, napkin holders, serving trays, and more.


Focus on your table’s centerpiece, and add in a bit of wood. Natural wood boxes can be used to hold flowers and garland, which make the perfect festive centerpiece. You can create serving trays that can be added to your table for a bit of rustic flair.


If you have a mantle over your fireplace, use wooden accents to dress it up for the season. Think candle holders, picture frames, or pumpkin-shaped accents.

If you’d like to add a mantle-piece to your fire place, consider using reclaimed wood: a skilled wood worker can shape and sand a reclaimed wood log into the most beautiful, rustic and fall appropriate mantle you ever did see! But don’t worry, it’ll look great during the other seasons of the year, too.

Liquor Barrels

Another unique way to add some natural wood accents to your home is by using liquor barrels, like the ones available from Carriage House Furnishings.

Liquor barrels can be used as a buffet table for an outdoor, end of the season barbeque; or, add a glass slat to the top for a unique bar area in your basement. Add them to your front porch as a seasonal decoration, or place a few in the living room corners for some seasonal glow.

For more tips and design ideas to get you in the fall spirit, click here to view Carriage House Furnishing’s blog.